War is peace: on bombing Syria aid convoys

War is peace: on bombing Syria aid convoys The scene the morning after a convoy delivering aid was hit by a deadly airstrike in Syria. Photograph: Omar Haj Kadour/AFP/Getty Images Sovietspeak is still alive and well, it seems. The Russian Foreign Ministry is claiming that the nearly 20 Aleppo aid convoy trucks reportedly hit by airstrikes outside Aleppo yesterday (see below) weren’t in fact: they claim, they simply ‘caught fire’. Brezhnev – and indeed Stalin – would have been proud of that line. At the same time, I’ve just digested this take on the latest developments in Syra from a… More

Norway and Sri Lanka’s Peace Process: towards an honest assessment

Norway and Sri Lanka’s Peace Process: Towards an honest assessment The debate on Norway’s role in Sri Lanka’s utimately failed peace process continues. My latest contribution is in today’s issue of The Island newspaper. The Island, September 18, 2016 After the brickbats of recent exchanges on the subject, it is refreshing to see Izeth Hussain’s considered assessment (The Island, 6 Sept.) of Norway’s role in the Sri Lankan peace process. In sum, Hussain contends that the Norwegians carried out their mandate as official peace facilitators in a serious, honourable and responsible manner. It is particularly salient to hear such sentiments… More

On Being Mark Salter

Here’s my latest piece. This time with a rather different focus from my usual fare. On Being Mark Salter A senior advisor to US Republican Senator John McCain. NGAN/AFP/Getty Images Presidential Elections in America: And a rather interesting case of mistaken identity. The Indian Economist, September 7, 2016 By Mark Salter So here’s the thing. I’ve never considered my name anything special. Just another regular moniker, nothing special to attract attention. As for the rest – fine, I’ve written a couple of books, done the odd public thing over the years. But famous? I hardly think so. But it turns… More

Reconciliation and Peace Processes

Reconciliation and Peace Processes A Belfast Mural from after the 1998 Good Friday Agreement. A new issue of Conciliation Resource‘s Accord Insight Series, titled ‘Reconciliation and Peace Processes‘, is just out. Now the personal interest confession: I am the Guest Editor of this excellent new publication. If you’ve an interest in the role of reconciliation in efforts to resolve the conflicts in Colombia, the Philippines/Mindanao, Nolrthern Ireeland or Georgia/Abkhazia- the four case studies covered in the report – or broader issues regarding the relationship between reconciliation and peace proceeses, then this spanking new publication is the one for you! Below… More