The Return of No-Man’s Land

Below is a the link to an excellent recent piece by Tara Zahra, a Professor of East European History at the University of Chicago. She views the current Central Europeam standoff over receiving incoming refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and the wider Middle East against the historical backdrop of these countries’ own – and in some instances, fairly recent – experiences of population upheaval born of war. In particular stories about of how, in the runup to World War II, Jews from neighbouring cpountries – Poland, say, or Austria – who were attempting to flee Nazi depredations ended up caught… More

Bringing Hamid to Sweden

We’ve just played overnight hosts to Dan Biswas, a Danish man working for a Danish-Greek NGO, Faros, that supports unaccompanied refugee children and teenagers in Athens. Dan flew to Stockholm yesterday with Hamid, a 13 year old Afghan boy who has spent the last year on his own in Athens. His mother and younger brother, already in Gothenburg and in the process of seeking asylum in Sweden, travelled up to Arlanda airport to be reunited with Hamid. It was a real pleasure to have Dan stay and learn more about the inspiring and important work they’re doing with mostly Syrian… More